The company was founded in 1981. Initially, it operated as a family business focusing its activities on the domestic market, but in the course of time, thanks to the acquired experience and gaining a strong position, it expanded its activities to the countries of the European Union and more.


The CRYSTOFER company successfully designs and manufactures different kind of devices for food, printing, clothing and confectionery industry.
Meeting the Customers’ expectations, the company deals with custom machines of non-standard parameters manufacturing them in accordance to individual needs of buyers (prototype machines). All of Recipients’ requirements are always taken into consideration – special machine dimensions and semi-finished products or severe
operating conditions.


We owe our achievements mainly to our well-qualified team and the flexibility in adapting to the customer’s requirements. We used to treat each new task as a challenge and we face it with a huge satisfaction. The functionality and the cost-effectiveness of our technical solutions are highly significant for us as specialists. The customer’s satisfaction is our main priority, this is why it is very important for us to meet
all of his expectations.